About me


I am Silvio Meireles, Brazilian born in 1977, a licensed tour guide by the Ministry of Tourism number 18.025492.96-8 at Iguassu Falls on Brazilian and Argentine side, covering all attractions around. I´m married, and my wife works as a tour guide


I´m also a journalist who wrote two books about the history of Foz do Iguassu, and a professional photographer.  I had the pleasure to live abroad for four years where I got knowledge about lot´s of cultures and languages. I definitively know what it means to be in a foreign country.


 I had been working here since 2012, and as a professional tour guide. I do all the planning, driving, and parking you need.


You will not waste your time trying to buy tickets standing hours in the line, in the Brazilian side, my car is allowed to get inside the National Park, you will not need to get buses, and it means, more time to enjoy your day!


My experience ranges from individuals to large groups, using safe and licensed transportation. I provide assistance in different tours and I am allowed to guide you around.


There are a lot of tourist attraction available here, so come to Iguassu and enjoy it all. Whether your interest is culture, history or shopping, you'll get what you're looking for on your own tour, which will be designed for you to give you exactly what you want.


I believe that you won't waste your precious vacation time on tourist traps or overrated sights. I have already been to these destinations over and over and I know what's worth seeing to get the best pictures and what should be skipped.


If you need any kind of help, please let me know. Please visit my YouTube channel and watch my videos!




Silvio Meireles


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