It´s one of the Seven Wonders of the Nature. You will see the falls from above! And get very near to the mean attraction of the place. To get there you will take a train and enjoy the nature until the falls.

There are three different circuits to see: Devil´s throat, upper and lower circuit. Everyone has a peculiar view and atmosphere.


Upper Circuit Circuit

• Length: 1.750 meters long (1913 yards)


• Difficulty: none, without stairs


• Estimated time of visit: two hours.


• Restroom and bar: 50 meters away from the exit of the Circuit, at the Falls  Train Station.

You start at two hundred meters from The Rainforest Train Cataratas Station and along its way you will enjoy a panoramic view of the semicircular chain that begins at Dos Hermanas Waterfalls, going through Chico, Ramírez, Bosetti, Adán y Eva, and Bernabé Méndez Waterfalls, ending at Mbiguá Waterfall lookout as a first stop.


It is characterized by having its trails set on top of the waterfalls edge, which allows a vertical view from the top, a great opportunity to good pictures.

After Mbiguá Waterfall lookout, the gangway crosses the Superior Iguazú River to reach the edge of the second largest fall of this beautiful system: the San Martin Waterfall.


This balcony has the best and widest panoramic view of the whole Park: you will be able to see the Hotel Das Cataratas and the elevators on the Brazilian side, and the Sheraton Hotel, the Old Water Tank Tower, the balconies of Upper and Lower trails, the San Martin island and the gangway to Devil’s Throat on the argentinian side, It´s a must see view!

To exit this circuit, the gangway runs snaking back through islets in the Upper Iguazú delta, to finaly reach Cataratas Station.

Lower Circuit

• Length: 1,700 meters long (1,859 yards)


• Accessibility: medium


• Difficulty: access without stairs up to Bosetti Waterfall and Iguazú canyon lookout.


• Estimated time of visit: an hour and 45 minutes


• Restrooms and Bar: at Dos Hermanas Square, just at the Circuit entrance.

First you will go into the forest foliage to where Dos Hermanas, Chico and Ramírez Waterfalls falling waters break and to the end of this part of the Circuit, where visitors can enjoy the bottom of the great water wall of Bosetti Waterfall.


On the way out of this waterfall, 20 meters away, there is an access to the quay from where you can board a boat to San Martín Island.


The Circuit goes on along the border of the Iguazú River opposite to the island, and visitors will marvel at its beaches and cliffs. The second part of the Lower Circuit ends at the lookout on top of where this branch of river meets the Iguazú canyon, and the impressive Devil’s Throat and its typical mist can be seen at the far. Up to here, all the visited locations are 100% accessible.


The third and last parts of the Circuit, which lead back to Dos Hermanas Square, have stairs and go through the Lower Iguazú shore where Alvar Núñez, Elenita, and Lanusse steep waterfalls can be enjoyed.

Devil’s Throat

The tour to reach the lookout balcony of the majestic Devil’s Throat will make you approach a few meters from the most important and mighty waterfall of the Iguazu Falls, whose image has traveled all around the world.


The itinerary begins about 1,100 meters before the monumental fall, after getting off the Ecological Jungle Train at Devil’s Throat Station, which was designed with the purpose of generating the least possible environmental impact.


The gangway leading to the balcony that faces the waterfall is just over a kilometer in length, is safe and quiet, either on wheelchair or by walking, due to the absence of obstacles and its absolutely flat character.


The end of the tour, at the balcony, gives us a magical and unique moment, staring at a huge wall of water over 80 meters high, located on the border of Argentina and the sister Republic of Brazil.